As a parent of teenagers, 15 and 17 years old, I am constantly wondering what is going on in their minds among the one syllable answer, moodiness, occasional outburst, lockdown after lockdown and uncertain futures. So, I decided to entrust my children to the experience of Wanjiru. It is my pleasure to state that I have seen almost immediate positive results! My children are now more aware of themselves; they can see life from a different perspective and they now have some strategies to engage with when presented with challenged. Though they were reluctant at first, they now agree that the counselling sessions were beneficial. Thank you Wanjiru.

In 2019/2020 I had family traumas and was feeling like I really could not cope with all the life changing events and changing family dynamics that was happening in my life. I was overwhelmed and needed help to navigate my feelings with someone who wasn’t in my immediate circle. I needed to speak freely and unpack my emotions in a safe environment. I was connected with Wanjiru. I reached out and was so glad I did. Having that support and validation that it is ok not to be ok and that guidance of how to journey through my challenges with support. I can honestly say that I will always check in with myself and reach out when I need to. To me it has been such a help when I really needed it.

Wow where can I begin!! Wanjiru is a god send. I started my counselling with her in the summer of 2020 due to grief of losing my partner. Wanjiru has really got me through some extremely dark moments. Her aura and friendliness makes it all better, she is very real and honest with what she says. She is a great listener and just a genuinely Iovely person who wants the best for you. Its great.  I have gone from one session a week to practically booking sessions as and when I need. She has been such a major factor of my healing progress. She is more than a counsellor.  To me, she is like a mentor and am so grateful for having her!! I never want her to leave. Wanjiru is amazing and I would recommend her to EVERYONE! Thank you Wanjiru

I have been having therapy and hypnotherapy with Wanjiru. I have found her to be really friendly and easy to talk to.  She made me feel relaxed and really takes the time to listen to my worries and fears. I had help with my anxiety and I have definitely felt a shift. I have better coping skills and I feel a lot more positive with myself. Happy to recommend Wanjiru’s services.

My experience has been very pleasant. It was different than how I first thought it would be because it was a calm two-way conversation where you could listen to each other. I was able to express myself and it was helpful. I have learnt how to deal with situations better and have got a lot of the sessions.

To my counsellor Wanjiru. When I needed you, when the darkness in my life was so dark! When I couldn’t eat for days and getting out of bed was a chore! When my depression was at its highest peak! You listened. You sat down with me, you assessed me, set me small goals to achieve. You gave me things to do and together we went through them. You helped me to see the other side of the coin. You followed me up on the phone, even when I couldn’t bring myself to pick up your calls. You sign posted me in the right direction. You were very professional, very firm and very knowledgeable. You are good at what you do, that’s why I recommend to everyone out there who needs your services. You do an amazing job of helping people back on their feet again. I am a happy better person today for all the help you gave to me. I still hear your voice telling me not to give up. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. Yours Sincerely, MC

I am listened to and given simple gradual advice. Happy to recommend Simply Talking Therapy.

My meetings with Wanjiru are very helpful. It clears my head because I feel comfortable talking to her about different things.

My therapy sessions with Wanjiru helps me to reconsider new ideas. The sessions helps me to express how i am feeling. It helps me to express my frustrations and worries without criticism. The sessions help me to realise my achievements even if they are small.

Thank you for taking your time to seeing me and listening to me in my sessions. I appreciate your time and the sessions I had with you. You have understood me very well in what I have been through in my past and my present.  It has worked and I found it very helpful. I have improved a lot in my life. I would like to extend my heartiest compliment to your hard work.

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